rhode-island-state-flagRhode Island has a bill HB 5453 (text below) in chapter 8 entitled: The Rhode Island 6 Unpiloted Aerial Vehicles Act of 2015 was introduced in February 2015 but has not gone any further. Below is the summary from the bill. For further research your can visit Rhode Island General Assembly and search for Drone and Unmanned Aerial.

Do not forget to always abide by the FAA regulations  no matter where you fly.


  • Fly your Drone below 400 FT
  • Fly with local clubs
  • Inspect your aircraft before you fly
  • Take a lesson before you fly


  • Don’t fly your drone beyond line of sight
  • Don’t fly near airports or any manned aircraft
  • Don’t fly near people or stadiums
  • Don’t be careless or reckless, you could be fined if you endanger people or other aircraft
  • Don’t fly anything that weighs more than 55lbs.
  • Don’t fly for payment or commercial purposes unless specifically authorized by the FAA

Bill Summary:

Exclusive aerial regulations

The state of Rhode Island shall have exclusive 8 legal authority to regulate any unpiloted aerial vehicles, remotely piloted aircraft, or unmanned 9 aircraft systems, hereinafter referred to and described as “drones.”


(a) Any drone sold, possessed, or operated in Rhode Island must be registered with the department of public safety.

(b) Information provided in accordance with

(a) must include the drone’s serial number, name of manufacturer, specifications, and any other available identifying information.

(c) The registration required by

(a) shall be subject to a fifteen dollar ($15.00) registration fee payable to the department of public safety.

Areas of prohibited operation.

(a) No drone shall be operated:

(1) Within five (5) miles of T.F. Green state airport and the Quonset Point naval air 18 station;

(2) Within five (5) miles of any military installation;

(3) Within two (2) miles of any other state airport;

(4) Within two (2) miles of any emergency aeronautic vehicle, including, without 3 limitation, a medi-vac helicopter;

(5) Within one-half (1/2) mile of any government building;

(6) Within one-half (1/2) mile of any school, college, or university.

Invasion of privacy by drone.

(a) No person shall use a drone, as defined in § 9 1-8-2, equipped with a device capable of capturing, recording, storing, or transmitting visual images, to look into an occupied dwelling house or other building.

(b) A person found guilty of the crime of invasion of privacy by drone shall be 12 imprisoned for not more than three (3) years in jail and/or fined not more than five thousand 13 dollars ($5,000).