Minnesota-State-FlagMinnesota House Bill HF 986 was introduced in February 2015 that addresses the prohibitions and civil actions that are authorized for law enforcement agencies. For further research visit Minnesota State Legislature and search for Unmanned Aerial and Drone in the search bar.

HF 986 – Minnesota House Bill

Unmanned aerial camera usage to gather evidence by law enforcement agencies prohibited, and civil actions authorized.

Do not forget to always abide by the FAA regulations  no matter where you fly.


  • Fly your Drone below 400 FT
  • Fly with local clubs
  • Inspect your aircraft before you fly
  • Take a lesson before you fly


  • Don’t fly your drone beyond line of sight
  • Don’t fly near airports or any manned aircraft
  • Don’t fly near people or stadiums
  • Don’t be carless or reckless, you could be fined if you endanger people or other aircraft
  • Don’t fly anything that weighs more than 55lbs.
  • Don’t fly for payment or commercial purposes unless specifically authorized by the FAA